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Automotive - Applications

High-quality tubes from Sulzbach-Rosenberg create mobility as the inner and outer ring of countless roller bearings used in machinery, tools, and vehicles of all kinds. On this basis, we are suppliers for many other applications in the automotive areas. The continuous range of the outer diameter and the wall thickness as well as customised delivery lengths enable a production that precisely meets our customers´ requirements and therefore allow efficient further processing. Furthermore, a special heat treatment during manufacturing ensures low decarburisation depths and therefore provides small machining allowance for the metal cutting of roller bearings.

We produce

Roller bearing

Roller bearing tubes

Ball Cages

Tubes for Ball Cages

Multi Tooth Tubes

Multi Tooth Tubes

Hollow Shafts

Tubes for Hollow Shafts

Sleeve Tubes

Sleeve Tubes

Tubes for Shaft Transmission

Tubes for Shaft Transmission

Airbag Inflators

Tubes for Airbag Inflators


Tubes for Camshafts

Anti-Roll Bars

Tubes for Anti-Roll Bars