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Energy - Applications

Boiler tubes from Rohrwerk Maxhütte are used around the world in the construction of containers and conduits in power plants and in the construction of heat exchangers. Boiler tubes are subject to high thermal loads due to their use in areas exposed to high temperatures and pressures. Due to their uniform mechanical and technical properties across the entire tube cross-section, our tubes meet the most demanding requirements for creep strength and leak tightness. As a member of professional associations and working groups involved in the construction of power plant systems, Rohrwerk Maxhütte actively participates in developments and advancement such as the development of high-efficiency power plants. Rohrwerk Maxhütte utilizes new and innovative materials which enable the production of boiler tubes that meet the extreme requirements of power plant engineering.

We produce

Tubes for Pressure Purposes

Tubes for Pressure Purposes

Fin Tube

Fin Tubes



Helically Finned Tube

Helically Finned Tubes

Hellically Finned Tube

Hellically Finned Tubes

Rectangular Finned Tube

Rectangular Finned Tubes

Tubes for Reducers

Tubes for Reducers

Tube for Tee

Tubes for Tees

Tubes for Elbows

Tubes for Elbows