RMH Poland launches new website

RMH – ROHRWERK MAXHÜTTE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. presents itself with a new website.

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Max Aicher Group of Companies

The group of companies consists of four business areas: Steel & Production, Environment & Recycling, Properties & Projects and Building & Construction.

More than 3,000 employees generate a sales volume far exceeding one billion euros. Over the past years our business activities within the group of companies have been constantly growing and were thereby consistently brought in line with synergy effects. The recycling companies with several shredders provide the steel mills with the raw material scrap metal. Therefore, we are Bavaria’s largest recycling company. The steel is being produced in Germany, Hungary and Canada. The crude steel is further processed by the steel mills or is forwarded to the group’s own rolling mills and steel refining companies.

Business Area Steel and Production of the Group of Companies

The business area “Steel & Production”, with several steel and rolling mills, is a vital economic factor and important employer in Central Europe today.
For the Max Aicher group of companies “Steel & Production” is the business area with the highest turnover. It is divided into the two segments “High Quality Structural Steel” and “Reinforcing Steel”. In the area of car component suppliers, growth is generated in particular by Bavarian companies. Enhancing quality standards and expanding the refining sector lead to the group of companies reaching a market share of more than 20% within the industry of German automobile manufacturers.

Steel Processing Companies Of The Group

RMH Rohrwerk Maxhütte (D)
LSW Lech-Stahlwerke (D)
LSV Lech-Stahl Veredelung (D)
SAH Stahlwerk Annahütte (D)
ZAP Železárny Annahütte Prostějov (CZ)
OAM Ózdie Acélmuvek (H)

North America
MANA Max Aicher North America Inc. (CAN)