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Industry - Applications

Our tubes are used in a wide range of applications in diverse segments of the industry. From mechanical engineering to mining as well as in the construction of bridges and buildings, our tubes are provided in light yet strong constructional elements as well as in pre-machined finished components. Low intrinsic weight and a high level of stability even in low temperature range distinguish our steel tubing as a construction element that offers high strength even under torsional and bending loads. Rohrwerk Maxhütte’s use of innovative production techniques and alternative materials enable a production in exact accordance with customer requirements. Tube blanks for cold forging and automated CNC fabrication, as well as internally and externally shaped steel tubes are produced in line with individual specifications.

We produce

Anchor Tube

Anchor Tubes

Anchor Bushing

Tubes for Anchor Bushings

Shaped Tube

Shaped Tubes

Hydraulic Cylinder

Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinders

Inner Section Tubes

Inner Section Tubes

Double Wall Tube

Double Wall Tubes

Profile Tube

Profile Tubes

Power Take-Off-Shaft

Power Take-Off-Shafts

Profile Tube

Profile Tubes